4-H shooters compete at regional competition

June 29, 2013 7:57:50 AM



Lowndes County 4-H youth taking part at the 2013 Northeast Regional 4-H Shooting Sports Competition held in Blues Springs in May brought home several awards. 


Participating youth and their placings include:  


  • 10 Meter Air Rifle- 10 Meter Sporter -- Anna Beth Brock, 1st place, Jenna Barksdale, Joshua Taylor, Gabby Wallace, Hunter Britt, 2nd place; and Garret Vaughn, Robert Michael, Mathew Moore, Evan Riggs, Brady Reed, Jacob Minga, Justin Cooper, Zach Conquest, Hayley Gilmer, Emmanuel Miller, and Jamario Macon.  


  • 5 Meter Air Rifle -- Celeste Alter, Max Osburn and James Wallace, 1st place. 


  • 10 Meter Air Pistol -- Hunter Britt-1st place, Eli Alexander-1st place, Morgan Hilfiker-1st place, John Alexander-2nd place, Nathan Wright-2nd place, Robert Schultz-3rd place; and Brody Alexander, Justin Cooper, Zach Conquest, Josh Taylor, Brandi McCullough-1st place, and Jordan Taylor-1st place. 


  • Archery -- David Stokes-1st place, Pamela Conquest-2nd place, Walker McCullough-2nd place, Eli Alexander, Peyton Stanich-3rd place, Melonie Weeks, Austin Stokes-1st place, Charles Reed-1st place, Seth Brown-2nd place, Sawyer Brown, Dalton Alexander, Jensen Reed-2nd place, Jordan Taylor- 2nd place, Chase Pennington-2nd place, Jonathan Pounders-1st place, Nathan Wright-3rd place.  


  • .22 Rifle ­­-- Isaiah Well-1st and 2nd place scores, Braden Bowen-3rd place, Hunter Harris, Jenna Barksdale, Pam Conquest, Harley Alter-1st place, Amy Riggs, Sam Cooper, Derek Hilfiker, Tanner Holley-3rd place. 


  • Shotgun -- Walker McCullough-1st place, Braden Bowen, Hunter Harris, Dalton Alexander, Sam Cooper, Daniel Gill, Jacob Lowery-1st place, Andrew Gill, Chase Pennington, Brandi McCullough, Zach Cox, Corey Pennington, Jesse Robles. 


  • Muzzleloader -- Anna Brock-1st place. 


  • .22 Pistol -- Brandi McCullough-3rd place. 


    Senior 4-H'ers (14-18) who qualified to represent Lowndes County at the Mississippi State 4-H State Invitational on July 12-13 include Jacob Lowery, Andrew Gill, Chase Pennington, Brandi McCullough, Zach Cox, Corey Pennington, Jensen Reed, Jordan Taylor, Chase Pennington, Jonathan Pounders and Nathan Wright. 


    Jonathan Pounders and Jessie Critcher from Lowndes County will also represent Mississippi at the National 4-H Shooting Competition to be held in Grand Island, Neb.