Starkville residents asked to name city park

August 18, 2009 10:44:00 AM

Tim Pratt -


The Starkville Park Commission is calling on residents to help name a popular city park.  


The park is located at the corner of Avenue of Patriots and Whitfield Street, just off Highway 12. It consists of a playground and pavilion area. 


Plans are in the works to complete fencing around the park, upgrade the flower bed and add a sign with the park''s new name, whatever it may be. Long-range plans include a water fountain and restrooms.  


The Park Commission is allowing residents to pick from three name choices or to submit their own ideas. The choices are Green Oaks Community Park, People''s Park and Green Park. Residents can vote by calling the Park Commission at 662-323-2294. 


"We welcome any suggestions," said Matthew Rye, director of the Parks and Recreation Department, which is overseen by the Park Commission.  


The winner of the "Name That Park" contest will receive $100.  


Rye said the park will be named after whatever entry gets the most votes. The winner of the contest will be chosen randomly from the people who voted for the name with the most submissions, he said. If 100 people vote for "Green Oaks Community Park," for example, the winner will be chosen randomly from among those 100 entries.  


All entries are due by Sept. 24. A winner will be selected and notified on Sept. 25.  


"We just want the name to reflect what the people using the park want it to be," Rye said.