Concerned about healthcare plan funding abortions

August 18, 2009 10:52:00 AM



If you have paid attention to the healthcare townhall meetings held across the nation this month, you know there is lots of fear surrounding the Obama administration''s proposal to reform the way we receive health care in this nation. Those fears may or may not be justified. 


All Americans, however, should be concerned about how these plans will impact the right to life. Unless a health-reform bill specifically excludes abortion from the list of services that benefit plans must cover, it most assuredly will be covered. I have written to my elected representatives insisting that they not vote for any health reform bill unless it specifically forbids coverage of abortion services and bans federal funding of abortion. Even the most ardent pro-abortion advocates should be able to agree that abortion, while legal, should not be promoted by the government in this way. 


I belong to a non-partisan grassroots organization called the Center for Moral Clarity which has online resources to easily accomplish this (It''s easy to find on a search engine such as Google.). I urge your readers to join me in raising our voices to make sure Congress does not pass a health-insurance reform bill that mandates abortion coverage or funds abortions. 


Mark Boren, Columbus