Unhappy with congressman

August 18, 2009 10:52:00 AM



The health care package is Obama''s newest trick, sometimes I think it''s only a big diversion play in an effort to cover up the first six months of boo boos.  


It''s no wonder the majority of our country doesn''t trust this administration and the Democrat-led Congress and Senate. Let us hang in there until the 2010 election--that''s our only hope, to have a purging of Congress and Senate. 


Another silver-tongued campaigner is our District 1 Congressman Travis Childers. I''ve heard many who helped put him into office expressing regret about it and now they don''t know where he stands on the Obamacare package of 1,000 pages. 


I, too, have asked questions on several issues with no direct answers. My latest question being: How can the Obamacare NOT negatively affect the coverage of military retirees who are over the age of 65 if Medicare will be cut by $500 million? The answer is pretty easy: Ain''t no way! 


When I call his office in DC, he''s either "not in" or "tied up at the moment" so I have to leave a message with an intern. I do receive bulk e-mails and bulk mail through the P.O. but never a personal direct answer to my questions. Don''t you agree that all that mail is more like a waste than anything else and the offices in Tupelo, Hernando and Columbus are probably in the same class because I can''t get any answers from them either?  


Does anybody know their purpose? I received a three-page flyer from him the other day that had the following printed on the front of it in big letters: "Government Waste -- bad for Mississippi taxpayers and bad for our economy." Would you call that a coincidence or an irony?  


I wish you better luck with your questions to the Congressman and if you will, ask him why he isn''t having one of those town hall meetings in Columbus. 


Raymond Gross, Columbus