Mississippians can request free smoke alarm

August 2, 2013 9:43:39 AM



JACKSON -- The State Fire Marshal's Office has 3,000 smoke alarms to be distributed to certain categories of homes throughout Mississippi. 


Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney says in a news release that the homes targeted for the smoke alarms are manufactured/mobile homes, homes of persons who may not be able to afford smoke alarms, homes of the elderly, homes with children under 14, homes of persons with disabilities, and homes that may be considered an exception based on the potential life-saving impact presented by the request. 


Chaney says there were 62 fire deaths in 2012, down from 80 in 2011. 


The campaign kicked off at the Neshoba County Fair on Wednesday. Fifteen cabins were destroyed in a fire at the campgrounds in 2011. 






■ State Fire Marshal's Office: mid.ms.gov