Scaring Ourselves Silly: a poem about health care

August 25, 2009 10:39:00 AM



Forty seven million without health care. 


Millions more, to make a claim, don''t dare. 


Their high-paid insurance they might lose 


If they missed the small print of the Don''ts and Do''s. 




They just might have to foot the whole bill 


If they overlooked the run of the mill 


And didn''t divulge a condition unrelated 


Or an obscure problem understated. 




The lucky ones sign up at work 


They''re told that they''re getting a salary perk 


But there are co-pays, extra for children and spouse. 


There are deductibles, enough to bring down the house. 




Many dentists aren''t included, eye care either. 


Some drugs aren''t included, don''t get a fever. 


If you get sick, you might be dropped, 


You''ll never know until the benefit stops. 




Lose you job, the insurance goes 


To buy it now you''ll pay through the nose. 


You can''t afford it, going broke 


Your hard-fought savings up in smoke. 




Don''t get sick now, hang in awhile, 


Find another job, force a smile. 


Re-mortgage the home, that''s the ticket. 


Most bankruptcies are due to the health care thicket 




But all aren''t in such dire straits. 


Our seniors don''t have to meet these fates. 


The poor, the young, the vets have care. 


Almost half of us have single-payer. 




A better system all around, 


Low overhead and little down. 


Can''t be dropped if an emergency strikes. 


Can''t be hit with premium spikes. 




Can''t be denied for reasons inane. 


No paperwork to drive everyone insane. 


Those who use it say it''s the best. 


Don''t pay insurance companies to feather their nest. 




Why do we pay them? I''d like to ask. 


They get thirty percent, I''m aghast! 


Thirty percent of our dollar, for what? 


Collecting the premium, passing the buck? 




They have no doctors, no nurses, no care 


They provide nothing, but get their full share. 


If they didn''t exist we''d be better off. 


Take the savings and stop the rip-off. 




How can we afford it, you ask? 


Through proper management, it''s not a hard task. 


We''re paying more now than all other lands 


They''re getting it done while we wring our hands. 




Among wealthy countries we rank 36. 


For insurance based care, that''s quite the fix, 


When we spend double what the others do. 


Our life span is less than Londoners too. 




Opponents scream "Socialism," the term of the day. 


But we''re scaring ourselves silly, that''s what I say. 


We''ve got socialist roads, police, firemen too. 


Our military is socialist, their motto, "Can Do." 




If insurance were involved in these pursuits, 


There''d be more slick salesmen in three-piece suits 


Selling protection against these risks 


While they stuffed their pockets to get their kicks. 




Health care is basic to life''s moral needs. 


Insurance for necessity is equivalent to sleaze. 


The greed is astounding; the lies know no bounds 


The arguments baseless; they have no grounds. 




As premiums rise we''re all at fault 


For not stopping this robbery and calling a halt 


To the excess of companies taking all they can rake 


The public can do this; we all have a stake. 




We sorely need a government plan 


To ban together and defeat this scam. 


If not, we''ll be told, by insurance rendition 


That death itself is a pre-existing condition! 




Laird Bagnall