Lowndes shows gains in state tests

August 25, 2009 10:54:00 AM

Kristin Mamrack -


Lowndes County School District students have reason to celebrate. 


In recent Mississippi Curriculum Tests Second Edition, LCSD students tested proficient or advanced at rates above the state average in nearly every area. 


In language arts, higher percentages of third-, fourth-, fifth-, sixth- and seventh-grade LCSD students scored proficient or advanced than the state averages. 


The LCSD had fewer students test at proficient or advanced levels than the state averages only in sixth- and eighth-grade math. 


Language arts scores increased from last year in fourth and seventh grades and remained the same for fifth-, sixth- and eighth-grade students. 


In math, LCSD third-, fourth-, fifth- and seventh-grade students tested above the state average. 


Students in grades six and eight tested below the state average, but eighth-graders showed an increase from last year''s scores. 


Additionally, math scores of fourth-, fifth-, and seventh-graders were higher than last year. 


LCSD Superintendent Mike Halford noted he''s "pleased with the progress and achievement evidenced by the results" of the tests. 


"Lowndes County is consistently showing gains in student achievement," he said. "The curriculum, research-based programs, teachers, administrators, parents and students are all contributing to the success of the district." 


The number of Lowndes County high school students scoring proficient or advanced on the Subject Area Testing Program increased in all four categories. And LCSD students beat the state average in U.S. history, biology and English. Only in Algebra I did the county fall below the state average, despite gains over last year. 


LCSD students, this year, exceeded the state passing rate in two of the five reporting categories of the SATP and showed an increase in the percentage of students passing in all areas of the SATP, compared to last year, LCSD officials noted.