Voice of the People: Clare Van Lent

August 20, 2013 11:00:35 AM



Begs to differ 


I could not believe what I was reading. By the tone of Adele Elliott's column on her early Catholic education ("Canonization," Aug. 11), she never matured past that. How many students were in her classroom, 30 to 50? How would she keep order conducting a overcrowded class of students? Swatting across the hands with a ruler might be the least to be reverted to. Ask students from public schools of that era and they will tell you similar tactics were used to discipline. The 'nuns' were not different. 


I took offense at your judgment of the Sisters. They were/are some of the most dedicated Catholic Christians in our society today. They worked for minimum wage and provided an excellent education for little or nothing for the children and continue to respond to the needs of the people today. 


There is no better educated or more generous group of women in the U.S. today than Sisters. They started and still run hospitals (St. Dominic's in Jackson), schools and universities, run soup kitchens and clothing co-ops (Excel in Okolona), as well as living among the poorest of the poor in the US and throughout third world countries. 


I think it is time for her to open her eyes and think deeper about the gift of a good education that she received and the impact of nun's today. 


Clare Van Lent