Locally-produced video preserves CAFB history

August 25, 2013 11:31:21 AM

Jan Swoope - [email protected]


The Billups-Garth Archives at the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library received a donation Tuesday of a video history chronicling part of Columbus Air Force Base's history from 1941 to the 1970s. "Columbus Air Force Base 70th Anniversary: Legendary Airman" was compiled from researched materials and produced by the Carlos Rosales family and their CS Digital Productions.  


When he was commissioned in 2012 to create the video, Rosales was honored to take on the project. He was inspired, in part, by memories of friends who had been POWs. He and his sons, Roberto and Christopher, worked diligently to have it completed by CAFB's 70th anniversary celebration last spring.  


With the help of designated CAFB personnel, the producers gathered photographs, video segments and newsreels, and added interviews with individuals such as Tandy Wilson of Columbus, who graduated from pilot training at the air base in the early 1940s.  


The near-40 minute finished product preserves a glimpse of the training wing's role during times of conflict and peace. 


The video is available for viewing by the public at the library by contacting library archivist Mona Vance at 662-329-5304. 


"Any researchers can come in and get a better idea of the history and relationship between Columbus Air Force Base and Columbus, and how they've grown together," Vance said.  


Carlos Rosales credited his sons for their contributions to the undertaking. Roberto Rosales edited the video; Christopher Rosales was responsible for graphics. 


"I wanted to do this not just for the Air Force Base, but I wanted it to be for the city of Columbus, too, because Columbus is my adopted town," said Carlos Rosales, a native of Mexico who immigrated to America about 35 years ago; the family operates Tampico Bay Restaurant. "It's important to keep the history. Someday my grandsons, they will be able to see these things ... "  


At present, Carlos Rosales is at work on a second video, to coincide with CAFB's 71st anniversary in the spring of 2014. 


Vance said, "We're just really thankful to have materials such as this available for the general public to have a better understanding of the community in which they live."

Jan Swoope is the Lifestyles Editor for The Commercial Dispatch.