Building permits 8-29-13

August 29, 2013 8:30:32 AM



City of Columbus 


Aug. 20-26 


  • Larry Golden; 1507 Washington Ave.; Reroofing; Henry Miller 


  • Allen Ellis; 1322 Seventh St. S.; Reroofing; El-Amin Construction 


  • Val Braddock; 319 Fifth Ave. N.; Repairs/Replace; Same 


  • American Legion; 308 Chubby Drive; Carport; Same 


  • Carl Hogan; 1404 Old Aberdeen Road; Banner; Same 


  • Lee Poss; 201 North Browder St.; Sign; Phil Lowe 


  • Leigh Mall; 1404 Old Aberdeen Road, Suite 27; Interior Remodeling; TBD 


  • Currie Haynes; 1611 Gardner Blvd.; Sign; Same 


  • Gary and Charisse Dennis; 2017 Eighth Ave. S.; Demolish House; Same 


  • Baptist Memorial Hospital; 515 Willowbrook Drive; New Plumbing; Air Control 


  • Allen Kirby; 402 Eighth St. N.; Gas Inspection; Bob McIntyre 


  • Larkin DelMoville; 1611 Chickasaw Drive; New Plumbing; Harold Browning 


  • CCR, LLC; 815 13th St. N., Apt. 1G; Gas Inspection; Harold Pounders 


  • Roast N' Boast; 769 Highway 69 S., 1A; Electrical Inspection; Buddy Easley 


  • Marcel Hill; 1507 14th Ave. N.; Electrical Inspection; Buddy Easley 


  • Barry Coggins; 1018 Third Ave. N.; New Electrical; Buddy Easley 


  • Marcel Hill; 112 Poplar St.; New Electrical; Buddy Easley 


  • McCarty Realty; 1104 Shady St.; Electrical Inspection; Buddy Easley 


  • Jim Frerer; 420 Main St.; New Electrical; Buddy Easley 


  • Roast N' Boast; 469 Highway 69 S.; Electrical Inspection; Buddy Easley 


  • Dan Wrather; 1561 Jolly Road; Electrical Inspection; Buddy Easley 


  • CCR, LLC; 815 13th St. N., Apt. 1G; Electrical Inspection; Buddy Easley 


  • Jim Walker; 25 Elmore St. New Electrical; George Beavers 


  • Pat Shackleford; 2504 Bluecutt Road; New Electrical; George Beavers 


  • Good Realty; 82 Azalea Drive; Electrical Inspection; Dan Weathers 


  • Annunciation Catholic Church; 802 College St.; New Electrical Service; Doug Hutcherson 


  • Mark Alexander; 2301 Bluecutt Road; Electrical Inspection; Buddy Easley 




    Lowndes County 


    Aug. 15-28 


  • Hubert Williamson; 5037 Highway 182 E.; Construct Storage Shop/ Owner 


  • Habitat for Humanity; Kidder Lane; Construct Single Family Residence; Michael Scott Swain 


  • Rusty Linton; 1558 Allison hardy Road; Construct Barn; Darwin Holliman Construction 


  • Terry Westmoreland; 1997 Evans Road; Construct Pool House; Darwin Holliman Construction 


  • Chad and Tonya Barker; 405 Prairie Waters Drive; Construct Pool; Owner 


  • Richard Harris; Spurlock Road; Set Up Mobile Home; Owner 


  • Gregory Construction Services; Sumter Road; Move Mobile Home; Southern Housing 


  • Richard Harris; Spurlock Road; Move Mobile Home; Wheel Estate Housing 


  • Gregory Construction Services; Set Up Mobile Home; Innovative Electric