Starkville Sportsplex offers yoga, other activities

August 28, 2009 11:24:00 AM

Tim Pratt -


STARKVILLE -- The new Starkville Sportsplex building on Lynn Lane has become popular for city residents looking to play basketball or use the facility''s free indoor walking track. 


Another popular activity, however, is set to begin next week for residents interested in healthy living. 


The first of an eight-week series of yoga classes will take place Sept. 2 at 5:30 p.m. Classes will then take place every Wednesday at the same time until Oct. 21, Starkville Parks and Recreation Department Program Coordinator Lisa Cox said. 


Yoga is just one of many activities the Parks and Recreation Department offers regularly at the Sportsplex. Patrons can take part in everything from square dancing and line dancing to aerobics of all sorts for adults and children. The Parks and Recreation Department even has a flags class, which has been utilized by members of dance teams, ballet companies and others.  


"Yeah, we have team sports like basketball, which everybody knows about, but we also have some activities at the gym you don''t have to be on a team to do," Cox said. "It''s a different form of recreation." 


Some of the classes cost money - the yoga class, for example, is $65 for the eight-week session - but activities like square dancing and line dancing are free, Cox said.  


Lauren Love teaches aerobics classes at the Sportsplex and said the small-group setting is optimal for persons who might be intimidated by larger gyms and health clubs. 


"It''s a small group; it''s not intimidating," Love said. "It''s a relaxed environment and, because it is such a small group, I can tailor it to whoever may come." 


But the programs have room to grow, Cox said, and that''s what she wants. 


"A lot of times, people want to do these kinds of things, but they just don''t know about them," Cox said. "We''re trying to get the word out that we do have these things to offer." 


The Parks and Recreation Department also offers classes in stretch aerobics, kick-boxing aerobics and other activities at the Sportsplex.  


For a complete list of classes, activities and prices, contact Cox at 662-323-2294. The Sportsplex is located at 405 Lynn Lane.