Voice of the People: Berry Hinds

September 10, 2013 10:07:21 AM



Thinks county should shoulder 911 costs 


Now that Lowndes County is getting an increase in revenue from all the taxes being generated, it is time for them to fulfill the statuary requirement to support E911. The city of Columbus has been funding about 50 percent of it because if an interlocal agreement for years. When the city had the tax base it probably made sense then to help the county meet their requirement to supply 911 service. Now that the city has lost large tax paying entities by them closing down or moving to the county, it is time for this city to cease assisting with 911 funding. Caledonia is the largest growing community yet they are not supplying funding to 911.  


If my memory serves correctly, the city did not and is not receiving any actual benefit from the hospital sale either directly getting funds from the sale or interest earned.  


I am aware we city residents want a good working relationship with the county and not start a spat with them and I agree we should not. Yet, the county should step up and meet the statuary requirement to supply 911 services to all the citizens of the county. When the county requested the city to assist with funding 911 services, they didn't have the tax base they have now. 


There will be people that will tell you that Columbus is the biggest source for 911 calls and service, and that will be true because of the population density and it being the market center for Lowndes County. That doesn't change the fact the county is required to supply 911 services to all its citizens. For those that would argue then they would reduce the level of service to Columbus the State Supreme Court has already ruled that is not allowable. 


If there are other citizens of Columbus who feel the same on this topic let your voice be heard by calling your mayor, councilman and supervisor. 


If I am wrong on any of my statements herein please show me as I am always wanting to learn more about the local governing bodies, their funding and spending. 


Berry Hinds