Unfriendly city

August 31, 2009 3:12:00 PM



I woke up this wonderful Sunday morning with rain lurking in the air to find that some one had taken a large rock to our fairly new mailbox. I was appalled to see this. We moved here nine years ago and yet to find the Friendly City very friendly. We have gone to local churches to pray and find friends. Since work brought us here, we have no friends or family in the area. We can count the amount of friends that we have made on our hands. I didn''t know what prejudice was until I moved here. We have tried to embrace the Southern ways but to destroy ones personal property is out-right mean. With the economy the way it is we can''t afford to go out and buy another mailbox right away. So to those that think it is funny to run the streets and destroy property to get your kicks there are better ways.  


We have some yard work that needs to be done and some trees hauled off to a brush pile. Some good old-fashion work will make you understand that things don''t come easy and you should respect our people''s property. Hopefully the ones that broke our mailbox will feel bad and offer to do work to pay off buying a new one.  


Tina Hoffman