Voice of the People: James Trimm

September 18, 2013 10:00:19 AM



Cell-phone oblivion 


Today I stopped at a four-way intersection equipped with four stop signs. I was the only one at the intersection; however, an SUV was coming toward me in the opposite direction. It was about 40 feet from the intersection. Needing to make a left turn, I flipped my signal switch to indicate my desired direction and pulled forward.  


There I was in the middle of the intersection about to make the turn when the SUV pulled away from its stop directly into my path. I applied the brakes and looked at the driver as she drove past me with that modern apparatus known as a cell phone applied to her right cheek. She never looked my way to see that "Have you lost your mind?!" look I was giving her. 


I don't know who she was and I am not attempting a personal attack here. But people need to realize the level of distraction that using a cell phone while driving creates. 


When I parked just down the road I got out to find that my signal lights were in working order. After my stop I made it home without further incident. I hope this lady makes it home, too. And tonight I hope she has sweet dreams with no visions of cell phones and hospital beds dancing in her head. 


James Trimm