Starkville sees second-best July on record in sales tax receipts

September 23, 2013 8:49:52 AM

Carl Smith - [email protected]


Starkville collected $441,240.29 in non-2 percent sales tax receipts for July, a figure which represents the second-best July on record for the city. 


Sales tax returns for the calendar year continue to track closely to 2012's pace. The city is averaging $462,780.52 monthly in general returns this calendar year, a figure close to last year's average of $470,133.21. 


July's total also represents a new high for the current fiscal year, a timeframe that spans from October 2012 to Sept. 30. So far in FY 2013, Starkville has distributed about $5.72 million in sales taxes. That figure eclipses FY 2012's total distribution by about $154,000. The city is currently outpacing its FY 2012 monthly average by about $14,000. 


Although the month's non-2 percent receipts reflect summer growth in the city's economy, it also represents the second-lowest grossing month for this calendar year. Only January saw less sales tax income ($430,732), while July's mark represents $1,000 slide from June, the third-lowest monthly return for 2013. 


Starkville saw a 6.73 percent increase in sales tax returns when comparing July 2012 and July 2013. A similar gain, 5.92 percent, was seen between May 2012 and May 2013. The city has experienced only two months, February and June, in which 2013 numbers declined compared to the months' totals in 2012. 


July's food and beverage tax return receipt, an almost $16,000 slide from June, represents the city's lowest grossing month this year. While Starkville's 2 percent returns have fluctuated as high as April's $162,626 mark, the city is now averaging $134,544 per month. 


Starkville collected only $111,942.77 in July, the sixth-lowest grossing individual month since January 2011. 


With six months of collections remaining to be reported, the city is about $600,000 shy of 2012's total food and beverage tax total. 


Hotel tax returns, another portion of 2 percent tax, also fell about $5,000 from June's mark. July's total, $10,244.40, represents a $700 decline compared to July 2012. 


Starkville is averaging almost $13,500 in hotel tax returns for the year, or about $700 less than 2012's monthly average. 


The city's 2 percent returns are spread unequally between economic development, tourism initiatives and Mississippi State University student organizations. Starkville Parks Commission receives a lion's share, 40 percent, of those returns. Ten percent of those monies flow back to city government itself. 




General sales tax numbers 


July 2012: $413,415.31 


July 2013: $441,240.29 


A 6.73 percent increase. 




2 percent food and beverage tax: 


July 2012: $115,724.10 


July 2013: $111,942.77 


A 3.27 percent decrease. 




2 percent hotel tax: 


July 2012: $10,970.51 


July 2013: $10,244.40 


A 6.62 percent decrease.

Carl Smith covers Starkville and Oktibbeha County for The Dispatch. Follow him on Twitter @StarkDispatch