Voice of the people: Harriet Vaughn

September 24, 2013 10:14:53 AM



Believes government is out of control 


There is a movement underway to take back control of our government. The project was founded for the purpose of stopping the runaway power of the federal government. We believe Washington D.C. is broken and will not fix itself. The federal government is spending this country into the ground, seizing power from the states and taking liberty from the people. 


Under the power of Article V of the Constitution, the Convention of States seeks to urge and empower state legislators to call a convention to propose amendments to curb the abuses of the federal government. 


Please go to the site on the Internet www.conventionofstates.com and sign up to be a member. Only through the support of the American people will this project have a chance to succeed. 


Harriet Vaughn