Luckovich viewpoint

September 2, 2009 11:05:00 AM



Like most big-time newspaper employees, owners, editors, op-ed writers, etc., Mike Luckovich is an unashamed liberal. Case in point: A recent cartoon showed a bunch of Confederate re-enacters with the obligatory Confederate battle flag, saying, "We''re town hall re-enacters." It would have been more accurate to have used Revolutionary War or even WW II re-enacters, but no! This was an obvious subliminal ploy to paint protesters at these meetings as unpatriotic, redneck trash.  


He has a right to his viewpoint, and we have a right to ours. I can''t draw so I can''t publish political cartoons, but I know what he is and what he does through his work. I''m gonna buy me a bird so I can put his cartoons to good use. 


Cameron Triplett Sr.