Voice of the people: Helen Sue Parrish

September 27, 2013 10:27:13 AM



Tired of the misinformation 


I am tired of listening to and reading about all of the reasons that the Affordable Care Act will not work. I am also tired of all of the misinformation that is being spread around throughout the media. Probably everyone against funding the Affordable Care Act already has more than adequate health care. I know our congressmen and state legislators all have it and we are paying for theirs. Yet they do not want the "least of these" to have the basic health care coverage.  


I feel that if this was not being called Obamacare that they would all be behind it. After all it was patterned after the health care that former governor Mitt Romney signed into law in Massachusetts. If the Congressmen continue to hold this law hostage, and cause the government to shut down, they will surely come to regret it when the next election rolls around. I think that President Obama needs to stand his ground and hold their feet, especially the Republicans in Congress, to the fire.  


Instead of beating a "dead horse," why don't these congressmen and state legislators grow up and do something constructive for a change. 


Helen Sue Parrish