Marriages and divorces 10-3-13

October 3, 2013 9:37:39 AM



Lowndes County 




■ Bradley Edwin Bynum and Alisa Darlene Dale 


■ Willie Anthony Bouldes Jr. and Latoya McMullen 


■ Michael Kevin Coggins and Jessica Danielle Rector 


■ Patrick James Ewing and Krista Marie Fridley 


■ William Michael Liles Jr. and Lea Holland Alexander 


■ Stacey Leonard Manigo Jr. and Andrea Michelle Robinson 


■ Michael Anthony Deck Jr. and Mahal Criselda Kramer 


■ Michael Allen Balthazor and Nancy Bernice McKean 






■ Ronald T. Ewing and Ashley Richards Ewing 


■ David M. Beamer and Amber P. Beamer 


■ Scott D. Andrews and Erika U. Andrews 


■ Billy R. Clark and Mae Palina Clark