Sunday alcohol sales

September 4, 2009 10:34:00 AM



Based on The Commercial Dispatch and the people attending the Monday night City Council hearing regarding liquor sales on Sunday, it was clear that the majority of the people in Columbus did not want Sunday sales of liquor.  


Why would our council and mayor go against what the majority of the people wanted? I want to personally thank and applaud the three members of the Council (Mr.Box, Mickens, and Karriem) who voted against the sale of liquor on Sunday. Council member Kabir Karriem decided against what he wanted and went to his constituents to determine how he would vote. What a novel idea. 


What the mayor and the other three Council members basically said was that the alcohol crowd deserves to get what they wanted every day of the week and those who oppose alcohol sales don''t even deserve the Lord''s day. All in the name of progressive thinking and greater tax revenue. We heard this before. What about the euphoria from our Legislature voting to allow gambling? The people were told it would solve all our financial problems. Our schools will never have to worry about money again. Why did my personal property taxes go up 28 percent this year and why did our representatives raise our car tag costs this year? 


With all the destruction that results from alcohol, the city of Columbus will never benefit from this decision. God never said that He would bless a person, city, state or nation that turned to vices of destruction. No one can honestly deny alcohol''s destructive forces. Just look at the statistics. Now our elected officials believe that good is going to come from Sunday liquor sales? Remember these who voted the sale of liquor every day of the week when voting time comes again. 


Ray Crane, Columbus