Roses & Thorns 10-13-13

October 12, 2013 6:49:24 PM



A rose to state Senator Terry Brown as he begins his fight against lung cancer. Brown, R-Columbus, confirmed last week that he has started treatment for cancer. Brown, 63, who has served in the state legislator as both a member of the House and the Senate, is reported to be in good spirits. That fighting spirit will serve him well. We are optimistic that Brown will win his battle, although we know it will be a difficult one.  




A rose to Severstal for its efforts to become more energy efficient. OK. While a rose doesn't compare to the $2.5 million check TVA presented the steel manufacturer last week in acknowledging the company's innovative approach to energy-saving, it does affirm the community's appreciation for the leadership Severstal has shown in this effort. Through installing high-efficiency fans and optimizing their use to achieve maximum efficiency, Severstal reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 30,000 tons per year and electrical energy by 25 million kilowatt hours per year. Electric arc furnace energy costs also fell by around 70 cents a ton and fan maintenance costs are down 80 percent.  




A thorn to the Lowndes County School board for failing to inform the media of an Oct. 2 meeting during which the board discussed a master plan for school construction in the county. Considering the importance of the meeting, it is very troubling that the board would hold a meeting with no public announcement. When the board shuts out the media, it shuts out the residents who rely on media for information on when such public meetings are held and what was discussed. It arouses suspicion. What does this board want to hide?  




A rose to the city of Columbus, its public works department and the Lowndes County Master Gardeners for the fall decorations that adorn the downtown street corners at Main and Fifth streets. Although seasons are officially determined by the calendar, we always view these displays as the surest sign that a new season has arrived. The displays are a welcome sight to for residents and a welcoming sign to visitors. As always, the fall decorations this year are a delight. 




A rose to two unidentified Columbus men who came to the aid of an elderly Macon resident last week. Phil McGuire of Macon wrote The Dispatch to share his story: "A few days ago, I was involved in a small accident. Since I am in my 90s, my balance fails me sometimes. On this day, I had fallen in my driveway. With nothing to hold to, I was struggling to regain my foothold. Suddenly, there were two young men from Columbus at my side, lifting me and seeing that I had a place to sit....Their efforts were quite a relief for me. The world needs more young men like these two." 




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