Voice of the People: Cameron Triplett

October 16, 2013 10:25:45 AM



Both parties to blame 


I have often said that our elected servants should be looking around at other cities and states, even other countries. See what policies, laws, and ideas that they have implemented, and how they work, or don't work as intended. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and a lot of public servants need to spend a lot more time checking out ideas from others instead of patting themselves on their own backs. 


Both political Parties in D.C. are to blame for this fiasco we currently face. I'm sick and tired of ill-informed people spouting off that the Republicans are the "bad guys" when the Democrats share just as big a load of the blame as the GOP, if not more. 


If those who were elected to represent us in D.C. won't do their job, somebody needs a big wake-up call. No special interest group should be able to hold America hostage for any reason. As far as this government shut-down is concerned, how many of you die-hard Democrats are aware or even care that Obama refused to negotiate with the GOP unless his pet project, Obamacare, was left alone? He could have racked up beaucoup points by postponing implementation of it to give computer nerds time to debug this monstrosity, but no! 


Obama has acted more like the dictator of a banana republic than the whole Republican Party put together has This is (still) America, a country of laws that govern everyone. As soon as everyone, from el Presidente on down, realizes this, the better off America will be. 


Cameron Triplett