Seen and Heard: Barbour: 'I've had my last government job'

October 22, 2013 11:28:15 AM

Birney Imes - [email protected]


After holding forth on the merits of Mississippi Power's Kemper County power plant under construction, Former Gov. Haley Barbour was asked at the Starkville Rotary Club Monday if he knew of any former governors who might be presidential candidates in 2016. Barbour paused for a blink and then said, "Jeb Bush." 


After thanking the questioner for his gracious question Barbour went on to say, "I'll be 67 in 2016. I've had my last government job." 


Continuing on: "Hillary's older than I am. (Hillary Clinton will be 69 in 2016). I see a much larger and higher quality (Republican) field in 2016." 


Birney Imes III is the immediate past publisher of The Dispatch.