Brown optimistic as cancer fight continues

October 29, 2013 10:23:54 AM

Sarah Fowler - [email protected]


State senator Terry Brown begins his second round of chemotherapy today and will head to Jackson next week to fulfill his legislative duties. 


Brown, who was diagnosed with cancer earlier this month, said he is undergoing treatment and looking forward to recovery. 


"I'm feeling good and just looking forward to recovery," said Brown, a lifelong Columbus resident. "Everything looks good. There's nothing really to tell." 


Brown completed his first round of chemotherapy in Columbus two weeks ago but will undergo treatment in Jackson when the legislative session begins in January. The senator said he would be in Jackson next week for budget meetings. 


"I'm definitely going to be there," Brown said. "We haven't stopped. We're still operating." 


Brown, whose treatments come at two-week intervals, admitted chemotherapy is draining but said he feels back to normal within a few days. 


"I'm still good. I'm still as active as I can be," he said. "The chemo will kind of knock you down for a day or so but then you feel better and you're fine." 


Brown said he was optimistic about his diagnosis and recovery. 


"I think we're going to whoop this thing, no doubt about it," he said. 


After this week's treatment, Brown said he still has four treatments to go.

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