Fragile egos

September 10, 2009 9:43:00 AM



The best thing voters in the Columbus/Lowndes County area can do is get rid of the racist big dogs with fragile egos just begging to be bruised so a tantrum can be thrown. Columbus and Lowndes County will continue to suffer as long as these spoiled children are in office. Honest debate over differences is one thing, and it is good, but name-calling and threats are counter-productive to progress. Do you want future histories to refer to Columbus as "a town that once held great promise"?  


On a related field, Crawford was supposed to have been founded as a religious community. Today little remains besides a few churches, and convenience stores and beer joints. Alcohol is a poison that destroys more than the drinker''s body. Too bad you can wave a dollar sign in front of some peoples'' eyes and totally change the argument. 




Cameron Triplett Sr.