Building permits 10-31-13

October 31, 2013 9:49:39 AM



City of Columbus 


Oct. 22- 28 


  • Minnie Fulton; 1103 Fifth Street South; Repair Porch; Same 


  • Carlos and Kasandra Scott; 870 Greenbriar Drive; Fence/Pergola; SGK Landscaping 


  • Gene Coleman; 140 Rolling Fork; Reroofing; Doug Wheeler Roofing 


  • Tim Thorn; 82 Rolling Rock; Reroofing; Doug Wheeler Roofing 


  • Pete Harkinson; 817 Spruce Street; Reroofing; Doug Wheeler Roofing 


  • Ruthann Johnson; 505 Fourth Street South; Rebuild Carport; Tom Hatcher 


  • Scott and Angela Farmer; 803 College Street; Widow's Walk; Same 


  • Swoope Realty; 915 Second Avenue North; Gas Inspection; Randy Dobbs 


  • Debbie Aultman; 2735 Canterbury Drive; Gas Inspection; Kenny Pollard 


  • William Manning; 212 10th Street South; Gas Inspection; Bob McIntyre  


  • Danny King; 1080 Highway 69 South; Gas Inspection; Kenny Pollard 


  • CCR, LLC; 815 13th Street North, Apt. A3; Gas Inspection; Harold Pounders 


  • Thomas Morgan; 99 Crepe Myrtle; Gas Inspection; Leroy Langford 


  • Bill Walker; 140 Brickerton Street; Gas Inspection; Ralph Shaw 


  • McCarty Realty; 604 Gaywood; Gas Inspection; Leroy Langford 


  • Lillie Cole; 110 Brown Street; Gas Inspection; Leroy Langford 


  • Erin and Donna Jacobson; 46 West Cottonwood Lane; New Electrical Service; Paul Guerry 


  • Dollar General; 801 Tuscaloosa Road; New Electrical Service; Robert Mercier 


  • McConnell Brothers; 2406 Highway 69 South; Electrical Addition; Rufus Mason 


  • Earl Harris; 25 Hunters Hollow; New Electrical Service; Rufus Mason 


  • Columbus Orthopedic; 640 Leigh Drive; Electrical Addition; Rufus Mason 


  • Jeanne McGee; 138 Hickory Ridge Road; New Electrical; Service Owner 


  • Long Properties; 637 16th Street North, Apt. J; Electrical Inspection; George Beavers 




    Lowndes County 


    Oct. 23- 30 


  • Caledonia Elementary School; 99 Confederate Drive; Move Two Mobile Homes; Bennett Truck Transport 


  • Caledonia Elementary School; 99 Confederate Drive; Set Up Two Mobile Homes; Hattaway Brothers 


  • Charles Culpepper; 347 Dale Road; Remodel Single Family Residence; Owner 


  • Cal-Star; Charleigh D. Ford Jr. Drive; Construct Commercial Building; Weathers Construction 


  • Edward Knox; 360 Justin Circle; Construct Storage Building/Shop; Owner 


  • Jacky Bolton; 183 Justin Circle; Addition to Single Family Residence; L.R. Construction, Inc.