Roses and thorns: 11/3/13

November 2, 2013 10:55:44 PM



A rose to all the coaches and officials who helped make the 2013 Columbus-Lowndes Park & Recreation soccer season a success. The season ended this week, with more than 400 boys and girls ranging in age from 4 to 12. In every program that involves so many children, it takes a lot of time, planning and energy to insure a successful season. Soccer is one of the many programs offered that gives our kids a fun and healthy outlet for their energies. So thanks to all the grown-ups for making it happen. 




A thorn to the Columbus City Council which failed to enact a social media policy more than a year after an incident in which a Columbus firefighter was fired after making a controversial post on his Facebook page. Two Columbus police offers were suspended for "liking" the post. Councilmen said at the time that the city needed to adopt a social media policy and a policy was put together. Somehow, though, the council never brought the policy up for a vote, even though it seems obvious that, in this age of social media, there was a reasonable expectation that the policy would be needed. That need emerged this week when another city employee, municipal judge Nicole Clinkscales, made a racially-charged post about a member of the city's school board. Because the council didn't adopt a policy, it must now rely on precedent in determining how to deal with this latest incident. That's always tricky, however, since no two incidents are exactly the same. A policy would have served the city well as the council decides what it should do. 




A rose to Seonkyoung Longest of Columbus, who has been chosen to compete in a new Food Network competition called "Restaurant Express." Born and raised in South Korea, Longest moved to the United States four years ago when her husband, Jacob, was assigned to Columbus Air Force Base. Separated from family and friends, Longest, 29, grappled with feelings of isolation and depression. She struggled with the language barrier, but discovered a unique way to improve her English -- by watching the Food Network. How do you say, "A star is born" in Korean? Seonkyoung Longest. The show debuts tonight at 8. We'll be cheering her on! 




A rose the Hamilton High School's slow-pitch softball team, which defeated Stringer twice last weekend to claim the 1A State championship. Hamilton won the 2A state title last year and has now won seven slow-pitch softball championships. If there was anyone surprised by the title, it wasn't Hamilton coach Bryan Loague. "They are brought up around here expecting to win state championships," he said. "Anything else is a major disappointment in this community. It is a lot of pressure, but we live with it instead of fearing it. I think it is that type of expectation that helps us when we need the most motivation."  


A rose to households and organizations who provided treats and tricks to children Thursday night. Rainy and windy weather didn't keep people from taking to the streets in costume. Though many houses were completely blacked out in an effort to discourage trick-or-treaters, some residents decorated and lit porches, delighting children seeking a sugar rush. Of special note is Columbus Fire and Rescue, who host an impressive Halloween spook-house annually. Columbus orthodontist Cooper Callaway offered his patients an interesting twist on a Halloween treat: In an effort to keep sugar out of children's mouthes, he offered to purchase candy from his patients for $1 per pound.