Voice of the people: David Owen

November 2, 2013 10:58:57 PM



Chaney doesn't deserve laudatory editorial 


A "Thorn" should be awarded The Dispatch for its naivety in withdrawing its criticism on Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney. Chaney, on behalf of insurance giant Blue Cross & Blue Shield (BCBS) apparently contacted The Dispatch and informed you of everything he had done to make access to Obamacare easy. For this information, The Dispatch then opined that Mr. Chaney is faithfully fulfilling his duties as Insurance Commissioner.  


BCBS decided to drop 10 Mississippi hospitals owned by Health Management Associates from its provider network. Gov. Phil Bryant took issue with Chaney's horrid support of his real client, BCBS, and filed suit in federal court in Jackson. BCBS took exception to Bryant's lawsuit, and there in support of BCBS was Commissioner Chaney.  


This is all in response to the Affordable Healthcare Act, a/k/a Obamacare. Obamacare is now, and will always be, the law of the land. It was passed by congress, signed by President Obama, and scrutinized and upheld by the United States Supreme Court. Republicans can continue to whine about it, vote in the house hundreds of times to repeal it, threaten to shut down our government (thus playing chicken with another recession), but it is here to stay. Like it or not, it is the law of the land. 


Chaney's REAL constituency, big insurance companies, do not like Obamacare. So, under the guise of representing Mississippians, Chaney joined forces, spending Mississippians' money, to successfully challenge the injunction sought by Gov. Bryant. Given, the Republican Judge in Jackson sided with Chaney and his REAL clients/constituency, BCBS, Chaney's involvement in this lawsuit in our dime was reprehensible. For The Dispatch to support Chaney because he says he is trying to assist Mississippians access Obamacare is damned irresponsible journalism and reveals that your editorial staff apparently is incapable of peeling away the top of a rotten onion to determine if the remainder is rotted as well.  


When Candidate Obama ran for office in 2008, your editorial staff supported him. I am sure in this neck of the woods, that you received great criticism for this bold endorsement. I do not recall any endorsement for either candidate in 2012. Either your staff was conflicted, or simply could not decide, I don't know. However, as progressive as this paper can be, you need to please check your facts before you elect to support a guy like Chaney who resides in the pockets of the insurance companies he lets prey on the citizens of this state. 


Attorney David Owen