Voice of the people: James L. Holzhauer, MD

November 18, 2013 9:06:09 AM



Stop kicking State around 


The Dispatch never ceases to dismay me with its portrayal of Mississippi State University athletic programs. In the game against Alabama, MSU, which works with a tiny fraction of the money and power of the Alabama football juggernaut, held The Tide to their lowest score of the year. It's usually a David versus Goliath game. State played their hearts out and gave a fantastic effort Saturday against Alabama, yet the headline is "Bulldogs rolled away again." How about a little loyalty and support for the home boys? Why couldn't it read "Huge defensive effort gains respect for State"?  


If State had the money and a top three recruiting class every year, we would beat those guys. But we don't. Give the team and the school credit for what they do. Stop kicking State around. They are your team too, or have you forgotten that as well? This isn't Alabama, and Ole Miss is not the school next door either. It would be the same if I bought The Clarion Ledger instead of The Dispatch.  


James L Holzhauer, MD