Voice of the people: Margaret Ann Evans

November 20, 2013 10:17:48 AM



Show a little respect, seniors 


I attended the mayor's senior citizens luncheon on Wednesday. The food and entertainment were outstanding. 


However, I wonder why nothing never starts on time as advertised. The program started 10 minutes late. It appears they were waiting on someone to arrive. Once the program did finally start, it moved along nicely.  


Doors were opened at 10 a.m., one hour before the program start time. This should have allowed citizens to arrive and be seated before 11. However, people were still walking in at noon, causing disruption for those who had arrived on time. Some citizens were talking during the program on their cell phones causing disruption to those sitting around them. Also, while the senior band was performing/entertaining us, citizens were constantly talking preventing their neighbors from hearing the band. At the closing remarks, citizens were continuing to talk and it was impossible to hear Mayor Smith's remarks. 


My point is rudeness on some senior citizens' part caused constant disruption for others to hear what was being said. We were all supposed to be 55 and over not little children being disruptive. "Unity" luncheon did not mean citizens were to be socializing while someone was performing or speaking to the group. Some seniors are hard-of-hearing and just do not realize that what they think to be whispering is actually loud talking. 


To those citizens who were disruptive today, I hope you stop and think next time and listen more and talk less. There was plenty of time to socialize after the luncheon, not during the performance and speakers. Show some respect. 


Also, a large crowd turned out and more tables should have been put out so those who helped out did not have to climb the balcony stairs to eat their lunch sitting in the balcony. More planning of attendance should have been anticipated and accommodated.  


Margaret Ann Evans