Roses and thorns 12/1/13

November 30, 2013 8:58:11 PM



A rose to shoppers, retailers and the Columbus Police Department for an incident-free opening to the Christmas Shopping season, which kicked off Thanksgiving evening. Unlike some unfortunate incidents of violence reported around the country, in Columbus the shopping experience, while frantic, was as orderly and polite as could be expected. This did not happen by accident. The CPD managed crowds at the big stores very effectively while managers at the stores took pains to provide a safe and orderly shopping experience. Let's hear it, too, for the shoppers, who remained patient and polite despite the big crowds. 




A rose to a pair of Columbus restaurants who opened their doors on Thanksgiving to provide free meals for the needy. United Deli and Front Door/Back Door took time away from their families to provide meals. They did it with no expectation of fanfare -- this was not a "photo op" that could be used to market the restaurants. Instead, it was genuine demonstration of kindness. Those acts show why we so strongly support small business here. Small businesses are our neighbors, and they are definitely our friends. Remember that as you do your Christmas shopping or choose where to have lunch or dinner. 




A rose to ROTC cadets from Mississippi State and Ole Miss, who joined forces this week to deliver a "game ball" to Starkville on Monday for Thursday's Egg Bowl, played this year at MSU. The weather could not have been worse for the 90-plus mile run from Oxford to Starkville, but cadets from both schools were undaunted. Ole Miss cadets began the run and met MSU cadets in Calhoun City. The act was a great example of how rivalries can be used to build camaraderie. While there is no love lost between the schools on the playing field, the cadets show that the schools benefit from working together away from the field. Let's hope this is the beginning of another great Egg Bowl tradition.  




A rose to outgoing Starkville Police Chief David Lindley. While the details of the events that led to Lindley's resignation have yet to be divulged, we nevertheless feel it entirely appropriate to commend Lindley for his 38 years of service to the city and the police department. It is clear that manner in which Lindley exits the department is not what anyone would have desired, it's important to note he spent a career in service to the city. That body of work should not be neglected. 




A rose to everyone who participated in "Small Business Saturday" around the Golden Triangle. Small businesses are the lifeblood of any community, so patronizing these shops, restaurants and businesses makes economic sense. But, as we have seen, shopping locally has other benefits. We can think of nothing better than doing business with our friends and neighbors. Small Business Saturday serves as a good reminder. 




A rose to the organizers and the legion of volunteers who came together Thanksgiving morning at Stokes-Beard School to prepare and deliver 1,200 meals to the elderly and shut-in around town. A Columbus tradition since 1994, the number of meals and the volunteers preparing them have grown each year. What better way to observe Thanksgiving than in the service of one's neighbor. Most of us are the recipients of abundant blessings; we should be constant in our search for ways to share those blessings.