Voice of the people: David Owen

January 14, 2014 9:58:34 AM



A modern-day battle of New Orleans 


Talented Rufus Ward indicated in his column in Sunday's Dispatch that the British last fought the Battle of New Orleans on Jan. 8, 1815. I rarely question Rufus' capabilities in the history category. However, here I must point out that there is currently being waged another battle of New Orleans with the British. The current battle has only claimed the lives of 11 USA citizens, but as is the case in most wars, it is fought over money. Moreover, the collateral damage is staggering.  


We are, and continue to be, embroiled in fighting the Brits over the 2010 Battle of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Here, as in 1815, the Brits struck first. Here, as in 1815, the Brits seek to steal our property, land, and water for commercial gain. Here, as in 1815, the Brits have heavily invaded the Gulf of Mexico. Here, as in 1815, the Brits agree that they have lost, but again seek to shirk their responsibility for the havoc, loss of life, pursuit of happiness, economic calamity, and property losses they have created. Although the Crown has offered reparations, but then welshed on their offer, and are continuing to skirmish, using our government.  


On April 20, 2010, the Brits fired the first and only volley, a tremendously deadly blast that blew 11 innocent United State citizens to smithereens and discharging millions of gallons of oil into the pristine Gulf of Mexico and onto our shores. Their amphibious invasion dwarfed the 1815 invasion and was a frontal assault against us Colonists from Florida to Texas (heck, Texas wasn't even owned by the Brits or part of our county, back in 1815).  


In pursuant of the almighty pound sterling/dollar, the Brits continue their imperialism by first defacing the USA, expressing remorse, proposing recompense, and then refusing to pay for their damages. Indeed, they are using our own courts and government in defense of their inexplicably heinous misconduct. Unlike the War of 1812, the chapters of their latest invasion continue to unfold. Our 11 "soldiers" may be the only human loss so far, but the collateral damage of the current war is staggering. Our fiscal losses were hard to quantify, so BP came up with an agreement. Their top-tier lawyers and accountants got THEIR agreement into a court approval contract. BP then ran their hokey ads, and then decided to breach this court ordered contract. BP reported in October, 2013, it had grossed only $3.7 billion in the prior three months. I was troubled at their impoverishment, until that report revealed that profit was up from $2.7 billion for the three months prior. The war wages. 


Hopefully, Columbus will get a Highway 45 bypass out of this war. Two hundred years ago we got Military Road as a result of the War of 1812. But unfortunately, 45 will soon be littered with BP stations, where we Americans will fill up our tanks, as the Brits laugh all the way to the bank. Where other than America can folks be duped into paying ourselves via BP? Where else does the "victor" pay the spoils of the "loser?" Only in America can we get the victim to pay the criminal. 


David Owen