Voice of the people: Sanders Weatherby Sr.

January 22, 2014 10:15:36 AM



The railroad street crossing 


This letter is in reference to the proposed closing of a certain railroad street crossing in the south side of the City of Columbus by the Kansas City Southern Railway, who is a financial and political giant, who is promoting this controversial, unwarranted railroad street crossing closing. This proposal was put on the table for discussion at one of our public meetings, and was tossed up and down vigorously by all concerned by expressing their thoughts and views. Both press and community were free to speak and give their opinion on this debated issue. 


When it comes to the railroad's point of view on the railroad crossing, evidently to them our objections seem to be a minor unimportant bump in the railroad passing through Columbus. The railroad agency seems to care little about the effects the closing will directly have on the residents who are living in the effected area. The facts of the matter are these closings will endanger their safety, happiness, neighborhood's peace and their travel convenience in these areas. Theses are some of the main reasons why we all want to keep these crossings clear and open to all in and out traveling. We don't want to have a dead end trail in our residential area. We want it to be free flowing as it has always been. 


The Kansas City Railroad agency is trying to be very persuasive when they come to our city councilmen, especially those whose districts are not in these affected areas. These councilmen don't live in or travel through these areas. Still they should all be sympathetic. Give the citizens in these areas your moral and physical support or mainly help them in any way you can, because you never know when it will be your time at the bat, not knowing when the curve will be thrown at you. We all should work together to avoid the outside destructive forces, so we can all have a happy and progressive future for all of our citizens. 


Sanders Weatherby Sr.