Voice of the people: Chris Gottbrath

February 3, 2014 9:32:06 AM



Appreciates city's stand on equal treatment 


Dear Mayor Wiseman and Board of Aldermen,  


Starkville Thinks would like to extend to you our deepest gratitude and highest praise for your recent progressive policy-making effort. The passage of an inclusion resolution for the City of Starkville that recognizes the dignity of all individuals regardless of age, race, nationality, sex, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and gender identity moves our fair city to the head of the  


class in regards to relaying a positive attitude toward and requiring equal treatment of all people.  


This resolution also is a statement that our city embraces our diverse community, which, in addition to the objective rightness of respecting the existential integrity of all, will certainly benefit the city as we compete in the global economy. That Starkville is the first municipality in the state to pass this resolution is a point of pride our citizens can embrace. It is brave attitudes such as this that set Starkville well ahead of the rest of our state, whose sordid past in regards to basic human rights need not be rehashed here. Although not all will celebrate this positive step forward, we applaud your wisdom to recognize that ideas such as this are past due and want to reiterate that the majority of Starkville citizens share this positive attitude toward all of our neighbors.  


Well done Starkville Board of Aldermen. We all hope this is merely the first step in more positive bold changes for a better community. With moves in this direction, Starkville will continue to be a leader in Mississippi and a city you can surely be proud to represent.  


Chris Gottbrath