Motions to set 2 execution dates filed

February 25, 2014 9:25:44 AM



JACKSON -- The attorney general's office is asking the Mississippi Supreme Court to set execution dates for two death row inmates. 


In the motions filed Monday, the attorney general's office says the U.S. Supreme Court had denied requests by Charles Ray Crawford and Michelle Byrom to hear their appeals. 


Attorneys for Byrom are asking the Mississippi high court for permission to file more post-conviction motions on her behalf. 


The court has not ruled on the motions. 


Crawford was sentenced to death in 1994 in Tippah County for the murder and rape of junior college student Kristy Ray. 


Byrom was convicted in 2000 in Tishomingo County of killing her husband. In a rare move, she asked the judge, instead of the jury, to decide her sentence. The judge sentenced her to death.