Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett

March 31, 2014 10:00:05 AM



A self-proclaimed political mongrel 


Although I am mostly conservative in deed and word, I also have some liberalism in me along with a bit of libertarian. If I were a dog I'd be a mutt or mongrel, a "composite" of sorts. No one political persuasion has all the answers, or none of the answers either. There is no one-size-fits-all in politics. 


Rickey Cole, the Mississippi Democrat Party Chairman, said a mouthful in the interview in Sunday's paper. If politicians would concentrate on what's really important in voters' lives, we could make better choices come election time. Please understand that I emphatically believe that politicians should not say whatever is necessary to get this group's votes, then change tunes for another group. Be consistent. 


Don't promise free cell phones or other unnecessary "goodies" to buy votes from ill-informed and ill-educated voters. Everybody must look to the future if this nation is to survive. Forget about voting for somebody because you'd like to have a beer with him, or because she looks pretty, or because he can read a teleprompter and sound knowledgeable. 


Don't vote on emotions, or learned hatreds from politically correct history books. 


We simply must elect honest, honorable, intelligent servants who know they serve everybody, not just the ones who elected them. Think about it, that's how a politician can broaden his "base," by working for everybody. 


This country is in a hell of a mess, because voters haven't elected the best person possible for the positions open. I doubt that politics, or politicians, will ever move away from the extremist views held by so many voters. We may have sunk too far as a country to recover. I pray not. Everything is black vs white, rich vs poor, Republican vs Democrat, us vs them. We're all citizens of the same country. Let's start acting like it. 


Cameron Triplett