Seeking Justice: Murder victim’s family speaks out

October 28, 2009 9:45:00 AM

Jason Browne - [email protected]


The family of Clarence "Big C" Trimble wants a life for a life. 


Trimble was robbed and murdered early Saturday morning at his club, Big C''s Game Room, on Stinson Creek Road in Lowndes County. Two Aberdeen men face capital murder charges for the crime. 


The suspects could receive death sentences if convicted, which is exactly what the Trimbles want. 


"I''m going to see to it that they do die," said Marilyn Trimble, Clarence Trimble''s widow, sitting at her home, Tuesday. "If they''re in prison they''ve still got the privilege of company and marriage. 


"We''ve been married 13 years and I have to lay down every night wishing my husband was next to me. I''m going to see that (their) family feels that." 


Marilyn Trimble was at her sister''s house in Memphis, Tenn., Saturday for a family gathering when she received the news of her husband''s death. 


She immediately drove home in disbelief. By the time she returned to Columbus, the Lowndes County Sheriff''s Office already had arrested Cedrick Whitley, 23, of 20393 Egypt Road in Aberdeen, and Sylvester Johnson, 22, of 1407 Cloverdale Place in Aberdeen, for the killing and robbery. 


"I just want the public to know it was cruel the way it happened. Whoever done it, I want to see justice. They took my husband and my son''s daddy away for no reason," said Trimble. 


The Trimbles have a 9-year-old son, Clarence Jr. 


Trimble''s body was found with multiple gunshots to the back of the head next to the club''s open cash register. Johnny Trimble, Clarence''s brother, said Clarence Trimble never kept more than $100 in the register. 


"They looked at it, I guess, like he''s got a couple nice cars," said Johnny Trimble of his brother''s apparent wealth. "But he worked hard to pay for that." 


Johhny Trimble believes more people could have been involved in the incident.  


In addition to his club, Clarence Trimble also owned and operated Big C''s Tire Repair Service. Several new-model cars and trucks are parked in front of the Trimbles'' double-wide trailer home on Stinson Creek Road. 


"He was a good husband, a good father, a good provider and he worked hard," said Marilyn Trimble of her husband. "He worked seven days a week to make sure his family was taken care of."