BLOG: Bulldogs cap exhibition tour with 4-0 record

August 12, 2014 8:32:28 PM



Editor's Note: The Mississippi State women's basketball team is on the final leg of a trip that has taken it to Belgium and to France. Senior guard Savannah Carter reports on the team's final game played Monday. 


Hey Bulldog fans! This is Savannah Carter coming to you from Lyon, where we just wrapped up our fourth win of our trip to Europe! 


I'm excited to be in Lyon, but I actually didn't get to see it because I went to back to sleep after breakfast and woke up at 5 p.m. It wasn't intentional, but I guess I was just that tired because it has been a hectic trip. 


I hated that I slept so long because I really wanted to see Lyon. I heard from some of my teammates who went around the city that it is really neat. Behind our hotel is a very historic area and there is a big hill that has a beautiful cathedral on top. 


Anyway, breakfast was really neat. It was on the eighth floor of our hotel, and Kendra (Grant), Kayla (Nevitt) and myself had a table overlooking the beautiful river right outside our hotel. We were acting fancy while we ate like we owned the world. 


I had a crepe with Nutella and bananas, and it was so good. I also had a cantaloupe and a smoothie shot. 


Our hotel here is awesome! I must say that the shower is the nicest I have ever seen. The showerhead is actually on the ceiling so the water comes straight down on you. It would be the shower that I would have in my dream house. 


Since I woke up at 5, I didn't have time to really do anything because we left for our last game at 5:45. I came down to the lobby and saw this other basketball team, so I thought it was another American team here to play. 


I get on the bus and see a lot of my teammates sitting by others they don't normally sit by, and Breanna (Richardson) told me the other team was riding with us. Who does that? I guess in Lyon you ride with each other. I'm just kidding. They were a lot of fun to get to know. We took pictures with them and just hung out. 


After the game they stayed and danced with us, and when we got back to the hotel they got on the bus speaker and told us how honored they were to play us and how much fun they had on the bus with us. The ride back was crazy. We all listened to music and danced together. 


It was great to end the tour with another win, but this one was even more special because the crowd was great! There were people standing all around because they couldn't find a seat, and we were actually told they had to turn people away at the door! 


Before the game we were out warming up and our tour guide Annie and Coach Schaefer's son, Logan, got the crowd to do the Maroon-White cheer in French. They were really loud and into the game. They really liked LaKaris (Salter). She played a great game tonight, and when she came to the bench in the fourth quarter the fans started yelling MVP, MVP to her. 


After the game we stayed and talked with the fans and took pictures and signed autographs. The fans at the Hump treat us great, but they know us. Here these people don't and they are all coming up to us asking to take pictures with us. It was absolutely crazy in a good way. At one point I had so many people around me that I just started turning my head and looking at the different cameras. There's no telling how many pictures we took. 


I'm glad to have the games out of the way. I'm not saying I don't like to play, but now we can relax and enjoy the rest of the trip. It's been strange not practicing before we play because I really love practicing. I don't know how many players say that, but I love to practice. 


It's been a great trip so far. I think one highlight has been dancing with our taxi driver on the way back to the hotel in Paris Sunday morning. 


I have bought several "I Love Paris" T-shirts for my family, and I went to H&M and pretty much splurged in there. I also went to Laduree, the famous dessert place in Paris, and bought a bunch of macarons. I got lemon, strawberry poppy, orange, orange blossom, chocolate, vanilla, raspberry and rose (which is like strawberries). All of them are my favorite! Mint and pistachio were the prettiest ones, but I don't like either of those. 


There have definitely been a couple of highlights on the trip so far. One was Sunday afternoon when myself, Ketara (Chapel) and LaKaris were coming back from the Champs-√Člysees and we started dancing with our taxi driver. 


The other had to be tonight after the game and being able to hang out with the great crowd. 


I can't wait to see what other memories are made when we head to Nice tomorrow. I'm guessing it will be an all-nighter for me because five hours on the bus being up would be hectic for me. In all seriousness, it will be great to be able to see the plage (that's beach in French) in Nice. The beaches there are rocky instead of sandy like the ones back home, so that's going to be a new experience. 


Anyway, nice talking to all of you again and Hail State Hoops!