Sir, send me

November 3, 2009 10:49:00 AM



I''ve heard about your offer of big bucks to all the Taliban terrorist who will switch and join our side in the fight for liberty in Afghanistan. Well I''m not a terrorist but I do want to join the fight and I''ll not ask for a bonus of big bucks to join up. I''m retired from the U.S. Air Force and I proudly volunteer to serve for one year in Afghanistan, back home for six months then another year in either Iraq or Afghanistan. I''ll gladly return to active duty in the Air Force or will go into the Army. I have expert ribbons for shooting the M-16, the 30 cal. carbine and the 38 special. My trigger finger works as good now as it ever has. I''m pretty sure I can operate any vehicle the Army or Air Force has over there and I presently have a class B commercial license with a P endorsement and the air brake qualification. Plus, I have towed several Acft., the KC-135, the B-52 (even loaded with bombs and 250,000 lbs of fuel) , the C-141 and the T-38. I have worked as a mech. and crew chief on all these Acft and as a flight engineer on the C-141. I think I can still do either of these jobs today. Heck, I''d even go back as a C-5 or KC-10 flight engineer . Also, I served as Superintendent of Acft Maint. Quality Control in the 97th Bomb Wing and Maintenance Supervisor in several Organizational Maint. Sqdns. 


Sir, I''m willing to go today, send me. 


Raymond Gross,Columbus