Save The W

November 14, 2009 8:34:00 PM



We need your help. Certain politicians in this state have suggested the closure and/or merger of MUW with another institution. Either choice spells the end of The W. 


If you would like to keep The W open, please write letters to each of the IHL board members listed below. Please tell them in a short note why you chose MUW and ask them to please keep this in mind when they are discussing our fate. 


The board members need to know that students really do want to come here--that MUW does matter to the state. Please do not write anything accusatory or negative--we just want them to be aware of what great students and alums we have. If possible, send a separate letter to each board member--for a better overall effect. 


The Mississippi IHL Board of Trustees meets this Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 18 and 19, so the letters need to go out quickly. Thank you for your support! 


Board Members: 


Scott Ross, President 


Dr. Bettye Neely, Vice President 


Ed Blakeslee 


Dr. L. Stacy Davidson, Jr. 


Bob Owens 


Aubrey Patterson 


Alan W. Perry 


Christine Lindsay Pickering 


Robin Robinson 


Dr. Douglas W. Rouse 


C. D. Smith, Jr. 


Amy Whitten 


c/o Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning 


3825 Ridgewood Road 


Jackson, MS 39211 


Melody Vydas, Columbus