Republicans offer plenty of criticism, few solutions

December 15, 2009 9:39:00 AM



In reading the story about Angela McGlowan (Republican analyst: GOP must ''stand ground,'' Dec. 9), she mentions how Americans are being exploited by the lies of the liberal agenda. That could go both ways.  


The first guy that popped in mind was Nixon. I remember reading an article in which the writer said when he entered the building and there stood Nixon, and he asked Nixon which way was the restroom. If Nixon said down the hall and to the right, he would go down the hall and go to the left because he knew that Nixon was lying. Then there was a saying about Clinton, when he lied, nobody died.  


And then here comes George Bush. I can see the helicopter now as it lands on the deck of ship. Out comes Bush wearing an Air Force uniform and walks across the deck with cameras flashing, to where there are several microphones dangling on a platform. Bush says, "The mission in Iraq is accomplished." Six years plus, the mission is still going on. Even the Iraqis'' said the war was not over, it was just starting. 


We went to war in Iraq because of WMD''s. After none was found, that must not have necessarily been the case. The Republicans talk about how the surge has worked in Iraq. With a 120,000 troops still stationed there, that also could be debatable. 


Never has there been a president sworn in with two wars and a recession/depression in progress. Obama and the Democrats are trying to correct this mess they inherited and apparently all the Republicans want to do is criticize them. The reason they were elected was because eight years of disaster of the Bush administration. 


As I was channel surfing, the announcer said, after a commercial Karl Rove was going to tell Obama how he could win the Afghan war if he did two or three things. But I kept on flipping trying to find something that made some sense. And then I happened to think, if Rove had given Bush that information, the war would have been over and Bush''s approval rating would have been higher than 24 percent when he left office. 


Now here comes Joe Wilson who calls President Obama a liar because Obama says that the illegal immigrants are not included in the health care bill. Whether it is in there or not, we are still paying their medical bills when they get sick. I wonder if he thinks when they get sick, they go back to their homeland to get well and then come back again. After 20-plus years of paying their bills, it would be hard to imagine how much it has cost us. 


I would like Angela McGlowan and the rest of the Republicans to tell us how they stand on illegal immigration. If someone is trying to recruit me from the lies of the liberal agenda, how do I know that they are not lying also? 


As our men and women are losing their lives in Afghanistan and countless number of injuries at a monetary cost of billions of dollars, guess who is constructing a copper mine there? You guessed it, China! 


With all the screaming that the Republicans have been doing, the stock market has gained another 1,000 points since my last letter. 


James E. Hodges, Steens