Neither a pointer or a setter, (nor a flower)

December 24, 2009 10:26:00 AM



I went running this evening. The sheep at the funeral (Memorial Funeral Home) home are a little bolder, and don''t run to the back of the cage anymore when Ponty comes. 


A block away from there, there was a well dressed man across the street from us, and he saw Ponty. I am used to people asking what sort of dog that is, or if that is a pit bull, but his question flummoxed me: "Is that a poinsettia?" 


I refrained from laughing, and I refrained from saying, "No, a poinsettia is a Christmas flower." I gave my standard answer, that it was a dog from the shelter, so we don''t really know what breed it is. 


After I was running along and chuckling to myself, I think I puzzled out what he was trying to say. Maybe he was mixing "pointer" and "setter." 


Rob Hardy, Columbus