Holiday season sees fewer violent crimes, burglaries

January 9, 2010 7:50:00 PM



As 2009 came to a close, Columbus Police Department Chief Joseph St. John said his department dealt mostly with accidents during the holiday season. 


"We did not have a rash of burglaries during the holidays, which was surprising, considering the fact this was the height of holiday shopping," St. John said. 


Another thing that also stood out, according to St. John, was the few violent crime incidents. 


"We did not have a lot of violent crimes that occurred over the holidays, which has been good," he said. 


The CPD responded to a total of 469 calls in December. Police were dispatched to 111 calls involving vehicle accidents and 86 calls to check on residential property and other related matters. 


Police also responded to 45 disturbance calls, 30 stolen property calls, 27 shoplifting calls and 23 automobile vandalism calls. Columbus police answered 16 simple assault calls, 14 domestic calls and 10 suspicious activity calls. 


Other incidents the department responded to included trespassing, suspicious vehicles and calls for found items.