An example of how The W enriches

January 13, 2010 10:21:00 AM



As the Alumnae of MUW come together to defend The W, we are given a beautiful example of the importance of the university to the community in the work of Professor Al Holen. ("MUW, Arts Council join in exhibits"). 


Professor Holen lets us see the best reason Columbus needs the university for its cultural life. 


Her imaginative organization of dual ceramic/pottery exhibitions in two local galleries is a plus for the whole area. 


One show is focused on campus in the Eugenia Summer Gallery and one downtown in the RAC. The two give an excellent example of how "Town and Gown" can work together enriching the larger community. 


One can only hope the area appreciated and supports these two shows that give a view of fine regional and national potters and ceramic artists. 


Congratulations to Professor Holen and all who helps bring these shows together. You have given us a fine example of the academy''s positive input to the community and how The "W" enriches the area. 


Larry Feeney, Columbus