The devastation in Haiti

January 15, 2010 12:19:00 PM



With heartbreaking scenes of Haiti everywhere on TV, once again certain televangelists have opened their mouths and spoken hurtful opinions by saying that Haiti brought this on themselves. Seems according to this one major evangelist, Haiti made a deal with the devil in the 1700''s so they could overcome the French and be their own sovereign nation. Maybe they did and maybe they didn''t, I don''t know since I wasn''t around. 


I do know one darling missionary lady here in Columbus who has been going to Haiti and ministering to the people there for years. Many she has ministered to became followers of Jesus. She loves these people dearly with the love God put in her heart for them. But then what a contrast since according to Mr. Evangelist, God must like the scene and smell of dead children, men, women, and old people since "they brought this on themselves." Hmmm......well that is not the God I know, nor would I want to.  


Must be nice to sit in judgment as God''s "official" mouthpiece. Seems the guy said the same thing when Katrina hit. If God is really like that then Jesus could have used the wood He was sacrificed on for a cookout instead. How ridiculous.  


We are no better than these poor souls who are suffering in ways we cannot imagine. Survivors of Katrina can understand far better than I. President Obama said, "But for the grace of God that could be us." 


God desires mercy Mr. Evangelist. Your kids and grandkids are alive and well, you will have a very fancy house to go home to, expensive clothes and all the health food you want and maybe someone will play the violin for you while the world suffers. 


Deborah Walk, Columbus