Parker Furniture: Thanks to all who helped along the way

January 21, 2010 10:59:00 AM



After 63 years of business, Parker Appliance and Furniture Co. has decided to close. 


It has gotten harder to find good quality American-made wood furniture that people could afford. Almost all wood furniture is being imported. 


Financing and collecting has become very difficult. 


I want to thank Dr. Wade Parker and Ann Buchanan, current owners, and the employees of Parker--Carolyn Haynes, Mary Robertson, Bill Wykoff, Ann Redwine, Fred Nance, Louis Perry, and Jimmy Webber. 


A special thanks goes to my wife, Mildred Jean, who did everything to help our customers. 


I am going to miss the business--especially our customers. 


So after working 57 years at Parker, I have decided it is time to spend time with our sons, Doug and Wayne, and the grandchildren Taylor, Steven, Kyle, Zach, and Carley and my great-granddaughter Anna Madison. 


My wife and I are planning on traveling and riding our yellow Gold Wing with our Gold Wing buddies. 


Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way. 


Howard Robertson, Columbus