David Creel: Saving and beauty can go hand in hand

February 9, 2010 1:42:00 PM

David Creel -


If green is truly the new black, and since everyone from my 71-year-old mama to my 17-year-old niece begins ands ends every conversation talking about saving money, then 2010 could very well be the year for smart shopping. And that''s nothing to blush about. 


It might not be new to think of beauty on a budget, but it is a new year. There is no better time to stretch the George Washingtons and the Alexander Hamiltons, right? So, think of the following tried-and-true money-saving tips the same way you would your magnoscopic mascara. Use them to lengthen, define and volumnize your pocket books and not just your lashes.  


When I lived in Jackson, women of all ages filled my enrichment classes at Millsaps College about this time every year, notebooks opened and pencils sharpened, eager to discover newer, better ways of being beautiful. And what''s the major difference since the economy has turned upside down? Simple, women want the best bang for their bucks, and I''m not just talking sideswept or short, wispy bangs either. I mean savings! 


I have traveled to New York City, Chicago, Caribbean photo shoots and back more than a few times to bring home tricks for adding glamour to the otherwise ordinary beauty rituals. Some I picked up along the way in my salons, coiffing powerful career women and painting the faces of debutantes, and a few from the very famous stylists that you never see behind those even more famous celebrity faces you can''t miss.  


You might have put away the dazzling mirror ball and discarded all the Asti Spumante bottles, but this party is just beginning. First, throw away all your makeup that is older than your toddler or your grandchild. Seriously, just do it! Mascara should be replaced after three months anyway, and do stop pumping the brush in and out of the container. It''s the most surefire way to get air in the tube and dry it out. Oh, and use lash primer to get more life out of your mascara. You can thank me later.  


When shopping for cosmetics, think in terms of investing in quality basics. Moisturizer is a given. It is quite simply the most important element of any beauty regimen.  


Foundation should be sparingly used in a shade, news flash, that matches your own God-given skin color. One great way to stretch the life of your foundation is by mixing in a few drops of moisturizer before applying with a foundation brush. Those little white sponges and wedges waste too much foundation, and the extra dough spent on a quality brush is a one-time investment.  


And after that, think color for the eyes, lips and cheeks. I love compacts that come with four stunning shades used individually for eyes or swirled together for cheeks. Your pocket book will thank you, I promise.  


Next, think of refillable lip liners, eye pencils and powder compacts. Not only is it cheaper to pop out the old and snap in a refill, but it''s better for the environment as well.  


Finally, clear lip gloss is a lady''s best escort to many black tie events. It''s in my little bag of tricks to put over any shade of lipstick or to gently dab onto the cheeks and down the nose for a face that shines well into the last hours of the party. 


The New Year''s Eve parties and holiday soirees are over, but stay tuned to find out all you need to know about being beautiful any time of the year!

Former Columbus resident David Creel owns Beautiful With David salon in Jackson and has 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Contact him at [email protected]