Concerned about health care reform gridlock

February 23, 2010 10:30:00 AM



I want to express my concern that progress on health care reform has stalled. If we let Washington gridlock take over, millions of Americans will still be denied affordable care by insurance companies because of their age or their medical history. And countless Americans will see their insurance stop paying during the middle of critical treatments due to arbitrary limits on care. Millions of older Americans who have worked hard their whole lives will still struggle to pay for their prescriptions. 


While circumstances may have changed in Washington, nothing has changed for the millions of us who need leadership from our elected officials to deliver meaningful relief. We simply cannot let the same old Washington gridlock stand in the way of much-needed reforms like lowering drug costs for seniors; stopping insurance company abuses; making sure seniors have access to their doctors; and protecting guaranteed Medicare benefits. I am counting on our elected officials to do the right thing and come together to keep their promises and make sure older Americans and their families get the care and medications they need. 


Dennis Nordin, Starkville