Lightning suspected in house fires

March 2, 2009



Separate fires burned two homes to the ground Friday night, and lightning is thought to be the cause of at least one of the blazes. 




At 6:16 p.m., Lowndes County District 3 Volunteer Fire Department responded to a fire at Shane Circle just off Highway 69. 




The homeowner, whose name is not being released, and her two children managed to escape the blaze before calling for help. 




A short time later, further northwest on Highway 69, near the highway''s intersection with Chandler Road, another fire broke out in District 3''s territory. The stretched firefighters requested assistance from the Columbus Fire Department, which dispatched Engines 24 and 25 to the scene. 




The owners of the home, whose names are also not being released, were not home at the time of the fire. A neighbor reported the fire to authorities. 




In at least one of the incidents, lightning brought by Friday night''s storm is thought to be the cause of the blaze. 


Both homes burned to the ground; both fires remain under investigation.