Stansbury through with criticism of officiating

March 17, 2010 11:38:00 AM

David Miller -


STARKVILLE -- A day after lamenting a call that wasn''t made in his team''s loss to Kentucky Win the Southeastern Conference Tournament championship game, Mississippi State coach Rick Stansbury is apparently over the officiating mis-sight that he believes cost his team a chance to go to the NCAA tournament.  


After beating Jackson State 81-67 in Tuesday''s NIT opener at Humphrey Coliseum, Stansbury declined to comment if he''d been in contact with the SEC regarding a possible review of the call. 


"I''ve moved forward," Stansbury said. "I think you guys have heard me say enough. I said what I have to say. I don''t have to state anymore issues. They''ve been well documented everywhere.  


"It''s time to move forward and it was good to have a game tonight." 


Stansbury''s reluctance to talk about John Wall''s offensive rebound that led to Kentucky scoring the tying basket that forced overtime came after he spent a good part of his Monday press conference addressing the issue.  


Photographs and video confirm Wall''s rebound should have been negated because he entered the lane early on a free throw,  


The 12th-year MSU coach believes the call should have been made and spoke freely about his team''s NCAA tournament at-large credentials. But it was what Stansbury told The Lexington Herald Leader''s Jerry Tipton later Monday that could raise a few eyebrows at the SEC offices.  


Stansbury''s main gripe was that the play wasn''t during the speed of the game, but during a free throw, which he felt should have made the call easier to make. 


But then, he reached out and suggested MSU gets the short end in the league with this excerpt from Tipton''s blog: "I''ve been at this a long time and one thing I''ve learned, at Mississippi State you''re supposed to take it and be quiet. I had a hard time swallowing this pill because so much was at stake and my players were affected. 


"When does the truth matter?" 


With Stansbury''s comments about the lane violation not being called in the Kentucky game, along with his tidbit on MSU having to "take it and be quiet," the MSU coach could be in line for league fines or reprimand by commissioner Mike Slive.  


MSU football coach Dan Mullen was reprimanded by Slive in the fall for criticizing a replay official after Florida''s Dustin Doe appeared to have the ball stripped by Brandon McRae before he crossed the goal line in the Gators'' win. 


SEC director of officiating for men''s basketball Gerald Boudreaux said, "We do review the calls and the response is kept ''internal and confidential.''" 


However, the league did admit to a pair of calls that went against Georgia and Arkansas in the fall being wrong.  


A release from the SEC regarding the call and whether it should have been made could come soon, along with any decision on possible punishment for Stansbury''s comments.